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NCR is the abreviation of No Carbon Required.


The traditional method of transfering an image from the top sheet to the bottom was by using pencil carbon, a thin sheet of tissue coated with a carbon, this method has been superseeded by NCR paper, where two chemicals react under pressure to form an image. The original supplier was IDEM, IDEM is Latin and translates in English to "the same" other NCR suppliers include Giroform, Eurocalco, Reacto etc...


A two part set is made up of the following:


The Top sheet of the NCR set is CB - CB is the abreviation for coated back and is supplied in white, yellow, pink, blue and green paper.

The Bottom sheet of the NCR set is CF - CF is the abreviation for coated front and is supplied in white, yellow, pink, blue and green paper or card. If three or four parts are required, we add the middle sheet.

The Middle sheet of the NCR set is CFB - CFB is the abreviation for coated front and back this sheet is supplied in white, yellow, pink, blue and green.


 Our prices are based on printing in one colour (black ink). Other colours can be used but may incur an extra charge.


Artwork and Proofing


The prices you see on this website are based on you supplying artwork.

We can accept artwork in numerous formats. 

We will supply you with a proof for you to check prior to printing.

We can also design your forms for you, there is an additional charge for this, please contact us for a quotation.


 Our prices on this website allow for all parts being printed the same.


Reverse Printing

We are often asked to print on the reverse of the forms.
An additional charge to the Base Price will be made 
contact us for details.



Sets -  Comprise of 2 or more parts CB and CF or CB, CFB and CF, these are tip glued (fan apart glue). The glue when applied to the edge of the sheet works by the chemicals in the coating on the back of the CB sticking to the coating on the front of the CF sheet.

Pads - Comprise of sets glued (PVA glue) together with a board back  a loose writing shield is supplied with each pad.

2 part sets can be made up in pads of 50.
3 part sets can be made up in pads of 50.

Books - Comprise of sets stitched together with (two wires) a board back, manilla cover and tape spine, loose writing shield is also supplied with each book. Sheets will require perforating to remove from the book. The sizes we give are the overall size, and not the rear out size. 



2 part sets can be made up in books of 50.
3 part sets can be made up in books of 50.




Delivery on our standard service will be 10 working days from pass of proof (subject to available capacity).


Please contact us if more urgent deliveries are required.



The prices published here includes delivery to one mainland UK address.




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